2001 Rat Dog Pix

September 22, 2001, Flying M Ranch, Yamhill, Oregon

(most photos my Tom Niemela)

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Early morning wheely on Mossy Rock Trail by Dan.

Dan getting very stuck after hanging a course ribbon (notice the roost!).

Randy skids off the "Leap-Of-Faith Trail" in one 'A' section.  The picture doesn't show it, but this trail is darned near vertical at this point.

We stopped and Walt commented that he lost his goggles and wanted to back track and see if he could find them.  Dan said, "Hey Walt, turn around!"  If you look close, you can see that his goggles were saved by his radio antennae!

Walt going postal.

Scott descends Grindstone Peak.

Taking a break at the top of Grindstone Peak: (L to R) Walt Koch, Scott Adams, Randy Beadle, Dan Hatcher & John Hughes.  Trask Mountain is in the distance behind John.

Randy finds a couple of local cowgirls to dance with at the Flying M Ranch lodge.

The B and C courses will get a killer view.  In the distance is the largest remaining wooden structure in the world: The Tillamook Blimp Hangar from WWII.  (Yes, the course will go by it)  Jim Dukes on left, Dan "Let's go that way" Hatcher on the right.

We discovered some KILLER "AA" trails!  We call this one "Fugawe Trail"!  Walt Koch demonstrates how to ride this trail by brail.

More Fugawe Trail, baby!

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