2002 Rat Dog Pix

September 21, 2002, Tillamook, Oregon

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Milo inside a discovered water storage tank by Triangulation Peak.
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Warren & Milo at the summit of Triangulation Peak.
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Awesome shot of Milo wheelying to the summit!
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Warren doing the same thing.
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Triangulation Peak view looking towards to coast.
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Milo gassing it through an elk wallow.
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Warren doing the same.
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A disappointing discovery that the trail has come to an end.
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Warren telling wild campfire stories.
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Milo chillin'.
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Tom doing the Chet Atkins thang.
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Danno strumming the gitfiddle around the fire.
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Warren on Mad Dog's Pumpkin Patch Trail.
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Another section of Mad Dog's Pumpkin Patch.
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Tom catching daylight under the big XR650.
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Warren in mid jump.
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Overall winner (and rider number 2), George Flanagan!
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Mike Ellis taking a spin on a scooter.
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Van Riper doing the slow test on his fun scooter.