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  Start/Finish: new location, Butte Falls, OR!
Yes, the C course is sidecar and adventure bike friendly! OMRA Dualsport Series
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Last Updated Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The 2nd Annual Dog Face Dualsport and Adventure Ride for 2018 is OFFICIALLY September 15 at Butte Falls, Oregon!  $100 cash prize to one lucky entrant!

Be sure and bring your guitar, harmonica, jug or whatever and join the campfire party in the evening!


Dualsport Definition: a street-legal, on/off-road motorbike capable of traversing trails or tarmac and everything in between.

Adventure Definition: a larger, street-legal, on/off-road motorbike (or sidecar) capable of extended trips traversing dirt or gravel roads along with tarmac.

Course descriptions for our events    Note: this is assuming dry weather conditions.  Inclement weather or fire danger will dictate probably running only B or C courses, so as not to damage trails.  Letter designations are in key with typical AMA enduro class descriptions.

AA: VERY DIFFICULT [extremely advanced] -  sophisticated and complex trails that are only passable by a real dirt bike. Extreme uphills/downhills and trials-like sections, which require lower gearing.  Aggressive knobbies required. 
A: DIFFICULT [advanced] - plenty of challenging trail that requires advanced trail techniques.  Aggressive knobbies highly suggested. 
B: MODERATE [normal] - moderate or mild trail skills required.  Larger single-cylinder or two-up bikes should easily traverse these  sections.  Generally passable by an advanced Jeep/driver combo.  Regular dualsport tires are acceptable.
C: EASY [very easy] - practically no trail.  Mostly gravel road. Passable by large 2-cylinder bikes, two-up,  sidecars or most any 4-wheel drive.  Regular dualsport tires are acceptable.

Here's a helpful check-off list of things to do before showing up for this event:

  • Bring a gas can with gas to store in your truck, for some spare!
  • Mount a rollchart holder on left side of your handlebars and bring Scotch tape!.
  • Post your rider number on the front of your bike. Confirm number by clicking on "List Of Entries Thus Far" at top of this page. If you didn't pre-enter, your number will be assigned at event.
  • Bring raingear (This is Oregon, so you never know!).
  • Make sure you have your state's current OHV sticker installed.
  • Pack a good assortment of tools in your fanny pack for unforeseen trail repairs. Also put a few dollars in your fanny pack just in case.
  • Be sure to carry items to repair a flat tire.
  • Pack camping gear/food accordingly, if overnighting.
  • Be sure your spark arrestor/muffler is QUIET! Loud bikes - stay home!
  • Do that maintenance on your bike that you keep putting off: check nuts/bolts, oil, air filter, tires, chain...

NOTE: we will not have the ability to process credit cards at the event's signup, so remember to have cash or a check! And don't worry if you think we're full - we've never turned anyone away yet, so show up!  Also, no more pre-entries accepted beginning September 7 - post entries only after!