2/11/18 Riding with Sigel, Degeyters, Lee and the OMRA Boys (Reid, Cady and Worley)

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2/11/18 Riding with Sigel, Degeyters, Lee and the OMRA Boys (Reid, Cady and Worley)

Postby Tawmass » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:41 pm

Steve Degeyter emailed me to come join a ride he had planned in an obscure spot in Southern Oregon. Leading the ride would be Jim Sigel, Steve & Zeke Degeyter, plus the OMRA Boys of Ryen Reid, Dave Cady and Chuck Worley. Sounded like a fun time!

I got up early and headed over. The Weather Guessers said 50% chance of showers. That I could deal with. Upon arriving at Steve's place, I met up with Ryen, Dave and Chuck and we headed out to Sigel's place. We unloaded, met Jim's friend, Ron Lee, got caught up on everything and took off. I'd never ridden at this locale, but heard plenty about it and the trails didn't disappoint. It started out overcast and almost dry in spots, but throughout the day it got colder and the rains eventually showed up as - snow! What? I didn't expect this, but snowed it did and it continued to drop the further we got out.

We headed back to the trucks and decided to do another shorter loop and were off again. Unfortunately Ron, Dave and I got separated from the others, so headed back to the trucks. What a great day of riding with great people!
PS: It took forever to wash the mud off my bike - was like glue!

Zeke taking a break on an odd stump.

Jim and Zeke attempting to get warm!

Another break as we all dove underneath a tree!

Yes, it snowed quickly and in volumes!

https://vimeo.com/255442158 <----Click here if you are having streaming issues
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