Need 3 Dual Sport Riders for the Annual Hood To Coast run

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Need 3 Dual Sport Riders for the Annual Hood To Coast run

Postby TOGA » Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:56 pm

I'm a member of the Rose City Motorcycle Club (RCMC) which has all types of bikes and riders, and every year the Hood To Coast (HTC) event uses 42 riders from the RCMC to cover 127 miles of road to help keep a presence IN THE NIGHT for the runners in the HTC relay.

There is one small gravel section where 3 dual sport riders are needed, and the RCMC would greatly appreciate any help. You would be riding back and forth all night over an 8.3 mile section of gravel road just outside of Scappoose. You are given $35 cash to pay for your dinner and gas.

You start at 6pm Friday August 28th and ride until dawn on the 29th, and you're given special radios to communicate with all personnel.

If you're interested, please contact John Goff, RCMC Road Captain: Cell: 503-351-1650 or Email:

Thanks for the consideration...they badly need 3 dual sport riders right now!

RCMC site -->
HTC race -->

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