Looking for someone to ride with in Tillamook County

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kickstarting the bike
kickstarting the bike
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Looking for someone to ride with in Tillamook County

Postby RIDER » Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:40 pm

Im looking for a riding buddy. Tillamook County mainly. Weekends only, and dual-sport always. Im 50 and average to fast, depending on conditions. Screw the rain, but mud is ok. (if you have glasses you understand). Im prepared for most anything. Why do I feel like Im looking for a date on Craigslist? Seriously, I would appreciate someone to ride with that would double our chances of getting out of the woods alive. PS: I bought my D/S 45 days ago, and have almost 1000 miles on it. Im NOT afraid to ride, but Im thinking riding alone miles from civilization isnt such a good idea anymore. (25 years ago, I would have just walked out, even with a broken leg). Yeah right. Any how, if you want to ride on the weekends, call me. Jeff 503-801-4591 Please leave a message if I dont answer. :arrow:
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Postby Tawmass » Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:47 am

Very smart, not riding alone Jeff. There are numerous people from Tillamook area, so hope you get some bites.
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