The World Cup of Motocross, 9/29/02

By Tom Niemela

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Here is the unofficial results from the prestigious event. We all had an absolute gas at this event!  I will have a report and photos soon.




September 29, 2002
Glen Helen Raceway
San Bernardino CALIFORNIA

Chad Reed leads Australia to the win! USA second, Canada third.

Most fans know the 2002 Motocross of Nations was to be held in California on September 29. Unfortunately, the event was canceled, and moved to Spain.

But enthusiasts and industry personnel in the USA wanted to go forward with an international event to be run on Sunday, September 29 at Glen Helen Raceway in California: The World Cup of Motocross.

Short notice to put together an event. But it happened! $100,000+ in prize money. Three motos, 20 minutes plus 2 laps each. No 125/250/500 requirements.

Chad Reed helped lead Australia to the win in the 2002 World Cup of Motocross. If there was an individual winner, Chad would be it. He raced a Yamaha 450 four-stroke. He won the first moto, was runner-up in the second moto, and won the finale. Michael Byrne and Chad's cousin Craig Anderson rounded out the team.

USA took second with team riders Tim Ferry, Kyle Lewis, and Sean Hamblin. Third went to Canada, with the team of J. S. Roy, Blair Morgan, and Marco Dube.

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1. Australia: 20 Points (Chad Reed, Craig Anderson, Michael Byrne)
2. USA: 24 Points (Kyle Lewis, Sean Hamblin, Tim Ferry)
3. Canada: 60 Points (J. S. Roy, Blair Morgan, Marco Dube)
4. South Africa: 64 Points (Grant Langston, Greg Albertyn, Kevin Mcgovern)
5. Japan: 67 Points (Akira Narita, Yoshitaka Atsuta, Kazuyoshi Idagiri)
6. England: (James Dobb, Neil Prince, Rob Herring)
7. Costa Rica: (Ernesto Fonseca, Adrian Robert, Cristian Leon)

Other teams competing were Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, and New Zealand.

Notes: Two best scores for each country in each moto were used in the scoring. Today was Sebastien Tortelli's first ride in the USA on Suzuki. He fell in the first moto, and did not start in the other motos. Greg Albertyn came out of retirement to ride for South Africa. There were two other races in support of the World Cup - an 80cc invitational race, and a Fast Masters race. Doug Dubach won the Fast Masters overall, with Jeff Emig second, and Ryan Hughes third. Other riders in the class were Jeff Ward, Marty Smith, Erik Kehoe, Jeff Matiasevich, Micky Dymond, Danny LaPorte, Mike Healey, and Chuck Sun, along with others.



MOTOCROSS - Australia Takes the World Cup of Motocross
By Steve Cox

Crashes cost USA the title

Team Australia - made up of AMA regulars Chad Reed and Michael Byrne, and soon-to-be AMA regular Craig Anderson - used sheer dominance on Reedís part and consistency among his teammates to win the World Cup of Motocross yesterday at Glen Helen Raceway. Reed went 1-2-1 in the three motos, losing only to Costa Ricaís Ernesto Fonseca in moto two.

The American team - Timmy Ferry, Sean Hamblin and Kyle Lewis - finished a close second after suffering a combined total of five crashes and one stall among them during the three motos of racing.

Finishing up on the podium was Team Canada. Blair Morgan was the top Canadian in every moto, and the team, which also included Marco Dube and Jean-Sebastien Roy, eked out the podium spot over the South African team when Greg Albertynís RM250 broke down in the third moto.

South Africa finished fourth.

The race was costly for Team France, as Sebastien Tortelli crashed out on the first lap of his inaugural SoBe Suzuki ride and reportedly punctured a lung, while Eric Sorby crashed out of race two.

Another notable crasher was Fonseca, who crashed spectacularly while running third in the last moto. He eventually walked away.

"Today was a good day for me," Reed said. "I felt good coming into today's race. I've been doing a lot of testing on the [YZ]450, and I'm more comfortable on the bigger bike. It does things that I want it to do, and when I'm ready it's always ready. I'm really looking forward to next year. This is just a good race to see how that bike is at racing level, and next week I go ride the 250 [two-stroke] and see how good we can make that. I'm just really proud to be a part of the Yamaha team. It's good when you can have two bikes to choose from."



World Cup of Motocross
Glen Helen Raceway
San Bernardino, California

The World Cup of Motocross, run in place of the cancelled Motocross des Nations on Sunday, was quite a success. An estimated crowd of 9,000 to 10,000 fans showed up to see the Australian team of Chad Reed, Michael Byrne, and Craig Anderson take the win over Team USA and third-place Canada. Team Suzuki's Sebastien Tortelli crashed in the first moto, but early reports of a punctured or collapsed lung were exaggerated - Tortelli even went back to the track to catch the end of the action.

Moto 1 Results (Official):
1. Chad Reed (Aus)
2. Tim Ferry (USA)
3. James Dobb (Eng)
4. Sean Hamblin (USA)
5. Ernesto Fonseca (Cos)
6. Grant Langston (S. Afr)
7. Greg Albertyn (S. Afr)
8. Craig Anderson
9. Michael Byrne (Aus)
10. Blair Morgan (Can)
11. Akira Narita (Jpn)
12. Kyle Lewis (USA)
13. Yoshitaka Atsuta (Jpn)
14. Marco Dube (Can)
15. Rodrig Thain (Fra)
16. Jean Sebastien Roy (Can)
17. Jeremy Israel (Chile)
18. Kazuyoshi Odagiri (Jpn)
19. Eric Sorby (Fra)
20. Neil Prince (Eng)
21. Dobes Josef (CzR)
22. Shayne King (NZ)
23. Bo Vang Jensen (Den)
24. Kim Nielsen (Den)
25. Luis Cutera (Arg)
26. Kasper Jensen (Den)
27. Augusto Freytes (Arg)
28. Christian Leon (Cos)
29. Willie Musgrave (CzR)
30. Cody Cooper (NZ)
31. Marcos Caco (Arg)
32. Juan Carlos Salvatierra (Bol)
33. Kevin McGovern (S.Afr)
34. Alfredo Gomez Norambuena (Chile)
35. Adrian Robert (Cos)
36. Benjamin Esquerre (Bol)
37. Mike Metzger (NZ)

Moto 2 Results (Official):
1. Ernesto Fonseca (Cos)
2. Chad Reed (Aus)
3. Kyle Lewis (USA)
4. Michael Byrne (Aus)
5. Greg Albertyn (S. Afr)
6. Sean Hamblin (USA)
7. Craig Anderson (Aus)
8. James Dobb (Eng)
9. Blair Morgan (Can)
10. Akira Narita (Jpn)
11. Grant Langston (S. Afr)
12. Jean Sebastien Roy (Can)
13. Rodrig Thain (Fra)
14. Shayne King (NZ)
15. Bo Vang Jensen (Den)
16. Marco Dube (Can)
17. Yoshitaka Atsuta (Jpn)
18. Dobes Josef (CzR)
19. Jeremy Israel (Chile)
20. Kazuyoshi Odagiri (Jpn)
21. Neil Prince (Eng)
22. Cody Cooper (NZ)
23. Kim Nielsen (Den)
24. Adrian Robert (Cos)
25. Kasper Jensen (Den)
26. Luis Cutura (Arg)
27. Willy Musgrave (CzR)
28. Walter Helfmarm (Chile)
29. Augusto Freytes (Arg)
30. Marcos Caco (Arg)

Moto 3 Results (Unofficial):
1. Chad Reed (Aus)
2. Grant Langston (S. Afr)
3. Tim Ferry (USA)
4. Michael Byrne (Aus)
5. Blair Morgan (Can)
6. Sean Hamblin (USA)
7. Akira Narita (Jpn)
8. Shayne King (NZ)
9. Yoshitaka Atsuta (Jpn)
10. Marco Dube (Can)
11. Jean Sebastien Roy (Can)
12. Craig Anderson (Aus)
13. Kazuyoshi Odagiri (Jpn)
14. Rodrig Thain (Fra)
15. Jeremy Israel (Chile)
16. Dobes Josef (CzR)
17. Kasper Nielsen (Den)
18. Juan Carlos Salvatierra (Bol)
19. Neil Prince (Eng)
20. Bo Van Jensen (Den)

Final Standings(Unofficial):
1. Australia 9+6+5=20
2. USA 6+9+9=24
3. Canada 24+21+15=60
4. South Africa 13+16+35=64
5. Japan 24+27+16=67
6. England 23+29+50=102
7. Costa Rica 33+25+46=104
8. Denmark 47+38+36=121
9. New Zealand 52+36+39=127
10. Chile 51+47+36=121
11. Czech Republic 50+45+44=139
12. Argentina 52+54+45=151
13. France 34+50+96
14. Bolivia 68+71+111=250

Fast Masters Moto One Final:
1. Jeff Emig (Kaw)
2. Doug Dubach (Yam)
3. Ryan Hughes (KTM)
4. Terry Fowler (Yam)
5. Erik Kehoe (Hon)
6. Kelly Andris (Hon)
7. Mike Healey (Hon)
8. Jeff Ward (Hon)
9. Marty Smith (Hon)
10. Jeff Matiasevich (Kaw)

Moto Two Final:
1. Doug Dubach (Yam)
2. Ryan Hughes (KTM)
3. Jeff Emig (Kaw)
4. Terry Fowler (Yam)
5. Erik Kehoe (Hon)
6. Mike Healey (Hon)
7. Marty Smith (Hon)
8. Micky Dymond (Yam)
9. Pete Murray (Yam)
10. Jeff Matiasevich (Kaw)

Fast Masters Overall Results (Official):
1. Doug Dubach (Yam)
2. Jeff Emig (Kaw)
3. Ryan Hughes (KTM)
4. Terry Fowler (Yam)
5. Erik Kehoe (Hon)
6. Mike Healey (Hon)
7. Marty Smith (Hon)
8. Jeff Matiasevich (Kaw)
9. Pete Murray (Yam)
10. Jeff Ward (Hon)
11. Ron Turner (Yam)
12. Micky Dymond (Yam)
13. Kelly Andris (Hon)
14. Chuck Sun (KTM)
15. Demian Caco (Hon)
16. Andy Jefferson (Yam)
17. Danny LaPorte (Hon)
18. Jim Gibson (Can)
19. Claudio Pesce (Yam)
20. Pablo Marelli (Hon)