The Horny Wolf Dualsport Ride, 10/6/02

By Tom Niemela

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Giving Lindsey a ride before the event.
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Lindsey's Mom, Ellen, gets a ride too.
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Danno getting 10 of 30 points at the first checkpoint.
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Gunny getting 30.
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JD getting 30.
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Frunk getting 30.  Sorry Dan!
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Gunny powering up a nasty, muddy uphill (even though the picture looks like it's a downhill!).
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"Wild Bill" Rush and his daughter Aaron.
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Tracy Rush keeping tabs on dad and kidlet.
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The Family Rush.
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Gunny picking cards at the gas checkpoint.
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A scenic overlook above fogged in Tillamook.
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More joined for a bigger group!
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JD clearing a log on Schwarz's Trail.
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Dan Meneley clearing the log.
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Cheri Meneley clearing the log.
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Ray Carpenter clearing his left mirror under the log.  Passenger Peggy is behind Ray.
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Overall winner, Jimbo, showing his winning sharpshooter skills.
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Gunny's nickname doesn't come without a reason - shooting he takes serious!
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What Gunny sees...