Track Riding At David Van Riper's, 12/8/02

By Tom Niemela

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Stevie Ray and I had plans on going riding on this non-typical, beautiful Fall day, so I thought I'd give Frightful Frunk a call to see if he wanted to go too.  He replied that there was going to be a track party at David Van Riper's and asked if I wanted to show.  Sounded fun, and I like change, plus it was only about 10 miles away.  As soon as I got permission to drag my long-time riding bud, Stevie Ray, along too, we made the plans.

I woke up late on Sunday and finally made it to Stevie's and eventually made it to David's around 11am - dragging our feet, indeed.  We unloaded at David's and Frunk was already there, along with David's girlfriend and son, Cory.  He was all excited because he just lowered his KTM 400, plus changed the rubber.  Man, what a spread!  He had a small MX track, plus a groomed woods section and even provided beverages and munchies.  The VIP treatment!

Once we got our gear on, it was time to hit it.  Wow, did we quickly find out it was SLIMEY!  We slipped and slid our way around the track, but soon found that the woods section was perfect, so Frunk, Stevie and I railed it.  As usual, Stevie and Frunk were on their game.  We banged bars and chased each other for a while, then I took some pics, while they continued.  Other people showed up like Bob Cole, David Hodges, Billy, Kevin Jansen and his boy and David Newell.  We spent the rest of the day hammering laps and having tons of giggles as the course got tackier. At the end of the day though, Day-Glo Corey blew a turn, took out a Christmas tree and ended up injuring his left shoulder.  Heal fast, Corey!

All in all a super day, and thanks a heap, David, for allowing us to come roost at your place!


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Stevie roosting.
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David's girlfriend having a great time.
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Stevie Ray showing off on the trails.
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Frank and Stevie hammering the laps and each other.
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As obvious in this picture, a millisecond later Frank and Stevie collided and almost took yours truly out!
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Bob getting some body english action.
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Bob railing again.

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David moments before tagging a tree and tweaking his bars.
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Stevie railing a slick turn.
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Flying Frunk styling for the camera.
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Bob making a serious attempt at straightening Dave's bars. David didn't spill a drop!
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Kevin on his son's tiddler.
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Three abreast makes for tight racing, as Bob, Billy and Kevin demonstrate!
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The gracious host, David!
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KJ on the gas with his '03 CRF450.

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Stevie's reaction to finding out his expensive headlight lens got roosted.
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Day-Glo Corey in a wee bit of pain.