Trailriding At Trask With Stevie Ray, Plus Julie Barrell's Surprise 50th Birthday Party, 5/11/02

By Tom Niemela

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"I'll be by to pick you up at O'dark thirty!"  was the message my riding buddy Stevie Ray left on the answering machine Friday night.  Sure enough he invaded my cul-de-sac at around 6:30am ready to roll.  Since I had plans on making Julie Barrell's surprise 50th birthday party at 4pm, we were on the road early to get in some good miles.  When we finally made it to Cedar Creek, we unloaded, did the usual last-minute adjustments and were off.  It was a bit nipply out so it was a two-jersey day.  The sun was shining, we saw a huge herd of elk and we hit trail after trail after trail of names like Gas it-Gas it-Gas it Trail, Three Amigos Trail (was awesome!), Autobahn Trail, Boner 25 Trail (yes, that's the name), Yellow Jacket Trail, Goat Trail, Brake Check Trail, Bultaco Hill Trail, NORA Trail, Seven Rut Trail, Clay Banks Trail, Seven Rut Bypass Trail, Poe Wade Trail, Tire Iron Trail, One-A-Day Trail, Teddy Bear Extension Trail, Mossy Rock Trail, Out And Around Trail, Salmon's Trail, Two Dogs Trail, Blue Bus Trail, Bertha Escape Trail, GTO Trail, Braille Trail, Gooseneck Trail, Bushong Trail, Powerline Trail (aka:Whitey Trail), and on and on....

It was another stellar day!  We spent our time riding hard, so didn't take many pictures.  Stevie augured once, I didn't for a change, we didn't see anyone else and the traction was nothing short of perfect.  It was such a relief to get away from it all, no phones, no TV, no telemarketers, no stress, back to nature, a great friend and a killer workout.  We logged in a full tank of gas each at 65 miles.  My YZF was running super and I got the suspension dialed pretty darned good.  Stevie Ray was noticing some vibration on his KTM, so it's probably about time for a new rod bearing. Plus I may have him finally converted into the dualsport realm too.  Our bud, Jerry Morrell has a KTM 400RXC for sale and will make a good deal for Stevie.  This would be good, since I really need to start concentrating on the Black Dog course now (if I can get through the snow!). 

Afterwards it was off to Julie's Surprise Birthday Party....

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Stevie Ray bulldogging through a snowy section of the Goat Trail.
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Goat Trail skiing.
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Yes, it was THIS beautiful on this day! Izzy's Pizza in Tualatin, OR.  Since Stevie Ray and I were out having too much fun, I straggled in a wee bit late to her party.  Why is Julie's party on a ride report?  Because if it wasn't for Julie, we would NOT have what little bit of existing riding areas that we currently have in Oregon.  She (and her hubby, Joe) puts out more effort into our sport than any 100 people!  Izzy's was packed with friends, relatives and a heaping helping of Trailsmen M/C members.  It was a total surprise to Julie up until Joe drove through Izzy's parking lot, then all the vehicles with Trailsmen stickers was a dead giveaway.  Happy 50th birthday, Julie!

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"Tom, I hate my picture in the OMRA Newsletter.  Take a better one, please?"
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"What the heck, take another!"
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Two peas in a pod: Joe & Julie.
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That's a LOT of candles to blow out!
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Opening presents.
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And more presents...
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And more presents...
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And more presents with lotsa laughs...
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And more presents...
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"What the heck is this?" Julie hesitates.
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She likes it!