Preriding for the Black Dog, 7/4~6/02

By Tom Niemela

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Well, we have two distinct and creative courses designed and laid out!  Not without many issues though. The snow has been a big deterrent for high-altitude routes, so we had to settle for lower.  Within the last week though, the snow has melted at a rapid pace!  We were hoping to have a section of snow for the A riders, but don't think it's gonna last. As usual, we've been working hard and playing hard.  Us and our bikes are the worse for wear too.  Flats, damaged radiators, toasted chain & sprockets, wasted tires, blown fuses, close calls with Bambi, etc. etc.  However, if we didn't like getting out and exploring, we wouldn't do it, and we hope all the Black Dog riders enjoy the routes!  Here's some pictures of us doing our thing for this year's event thus far...


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Dan on the Devil's Mile section.  Why the Devil's Mile? Because the mileage at the start of this section is: 6.66 - (and it's exactly one mile long) yikes! We'll be going down, not up, it this year - much easier.
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Dan hid behind a tree and ran out to scare Randy.  It didn't really work, but was fun anyway.
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Someone buried their pet, Nick Nick, at Skyline parking area.
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Smile, Dan, it's morning!
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Jim drilling Randy.  Yup, that's a real drill and Randy's hoping Jim doesn't go to the bone!  (Randy needed a way to zip tie his elbow guards to his shoulder pads)
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On the way to Lolo Pass. Epic beauty.
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Jimbo at the top of Stairway To Heaven section.
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Same pic, but the other direction.
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Me looking like a dirtbag.
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This was (left to right) Randy, Jim and Dan's response after they were told there was free beer in Parkdale. "See ya!"
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Randy and Walt going over yet another windfall. Randy is wondering if his XR will slide all the way to Portland.
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This is about how we feel getting ready for (and after) the Black Dog! (FYI, this piece of work is just East of Sandy, OR, North side of Hwy. 26, on the way to the Black Dog.)