Preriding for the Rat Dog, 8/3/02

By Tom Niemela

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    Saturday morning, Milo Juenemann and his brother Warren, showed up on Dan Hatcher Standard Time (half hour late) to my house and we loaded up to do some Rat Dog course scouting.  Since the sudden change of course (no thanks to Weyerhaeuser), we needed to scout some new area North of the Trask River towards the North side of Highway 6.  We unloaded at Jordan Creek Road, where Scott (Trailsmen club member) was keeping watch on the road to warn others that there was a poker run going on.  After donning our gear and visiting with Scott, we headed out North on Koenig Creek, made our way up Museal Creek towards Cedar Butte.  Tons of logging had changed how many things looked, but we still found our way up to Cedar Butte Road and eventually climbed up to Triangulation Summit.  What a beautiful, panoramic view!  We then headed down the Kilchis River working our way into Tillamook, then doing a pavement slide back up to Jordan Creek.  Our total mileage for the day was almost 80 miles and it was just a pristine day, and killer ride with great friends.

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"Boy, are we lost."
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Tom coming to Triangulation Peak
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Milo and Tom
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We found this old water storage tank above Cedar Butte Road, that had been there for years.
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Milo doing his subcommander imitation
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A Tom mug shot.  "I'm pretty Fly for a white guy!"
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Warren and Milo
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Awesome shot of Milo coming up the South Triangulation Peak
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Warren stalling it coming up the peak
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Warren restarting
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Warren doing it a second time
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View from Triangulation Peak and Tom's XR
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Milo roosting through an elk mud bog section of road
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Warren doing the same thing
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Unfortunately, this road dead ended, but was stellar till then.