Portland Arenacross & VanRiper's Tree Farm Ride, 3/2/03

By Tom Niemela

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Friday night a bunch of us went to a round of the regional arenacross series at the Portland Coliseum.  (Only a couple pictures, since some guy was ready to go to fisticuffs over me being in his way.)  Killer racing, some great half-time stunts, although one guy crashed a bit harsh, and they're always fun to watch with good friends. 

The next day a few of us went to the secret, Area-51, VanRiper Tree Farm Track.  (Don't make me tell you where it's located, or I'd have to kill ya!)  This was Leslie and Ellen's almost first time on the bikes, so they were raring to go.  After about an hour or so, it started to sprinkle, then rain.  Dave VanRiper had two, new Honda CRF150s and was breaking them in.  As you can see from the pictures, he was having some big fun over the jumps.  Leslie and Ellen did numerous laps and then it started to get really sloppy, but they kept on riding.  Ellen even got into third gear on her XR250!  Eventually the rain got the best of us and we cashed it in, but not after having plenty of fun!  Thanks again, Dave!

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Dan, Dawn and Ellen

Mar 1 2003
8:22:49 pm
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First turn of the main event.

Mar 1 2003
10:08:36 pm
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Going through the whoops.

Mar 1 2003
10:09:55 pm
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Ellen and her XR250 Honda.

Mar 2 2003
11:50:14 am
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Dave jumping.

Mar 2 2003
12:16:30 pm
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Still jumping...

Mar 2 2003
12:19:24 pm
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...and like the Energizer Bunny, still jumping.

Mar 2 2003
12:20:00 pm
Click to see IMG_2234.JPG
Railing the little CRF.

Mar 2 2003
12:48:28 pm
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Ellen showing true race form.

Mar 2 2003
12:51:09 pm
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Leslie ready to hit the mud.

Mar 2 2003
3:18:11 pm
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Lookit Leslie's race face!

Mar 2 2003
3:19:50 pm
Click to see IMG_2243.JPG
Dave's concentrating too.

Mar 2 2003
3:21:49 pm