The 2004 Horny Wolf Dualsport Ride , 10/19/04

By Dan Hatcher

            Sunday, September 19th was the day of the Horny Wolf, the Lobo's dualsport ride out of Tillamook (the start/finish being the same as the Rat Dog).  I was curious where Billy Toman was going on his ride because sometimes they come up with new trails that I haven't seen.  After the Jet Stream's cruel detour through the Tillamook area, moving a large portion of the Pacific Ocean to the hills, I didn't know if the Lobos ride was on or not.

When Saturday evening's swampy camp had drowned Rat Doggers leaving right and left, I was surprised Sunday morning to see patchy blue sky and little rain.  Billy said if he could get 20 riders, the ride was on.  God bless you Lobos, you ran with just under 20 riders anyway. 

Billy's format was going to be different, as the course was shortened significantly.  He said he was going to run an average speed for first place.  The strategy from riders trying to figure out how to control the outcome was hilarious.   I could be the fastest guy or the slowest guy and I was a loser either way.   Many were trying to get into the heads of their competition. 

            Billy's ride headed south meandering towards Boundary Road then east and then looping south back into the East Fork of the Trask River.  We headed east to Murphy's Camp going up Potholes Road, which is dirt two-track.  I was riding two up with my girlfriend Dawn on my Transalp and enjoyed the slick challenge.  At Murphy's Camp, David Butt, Jim Loveall, George Flanagan and us were laughing at skid marks on some of the steep corners that we had seen.  I thought I would razz Dave saying that the average test was just a joke and it would be the fastest rider.  He got to thinking, as he was a first place contender for the OMRA series, that he better hurry up and get going.  I got to feeling guilty and told Dave I was just kidding and I didn't want him overshooting one of the steep corners going down Township Grade.   The three of them then left.  We saw Gary Anderson and Dale Johnson come into Murphy's Camp.  Then Steve Simon, Jason Mosiman, Don Newman and Ranger Kelly Foster came riding up.  I had to ‘fess up to Steve about the prank I played on Dave and he scolded me about having a conscience.  Dawn and I took off laughing and headed north from Murphy's Camp, soon to be passed by the four riders that we just left behind.  At a fork in the road, they veered right and we went left.  I double checked the roll chart and thought about turning around and telling Steve they were headed in the wrong direction, but I was afraid he would scold me again about my conscience!  So we continued on our way laughing, since we knew they had the Ranger with them that should know the way.  We found out later that he didn't know the way!  At the North Fork and Bark Shanty intersection we had a quick rip west back to camp.  Our easy puttsy was over.  Dawn and I stalled going through the check to spread out our times.  Chris Calvert and Ron Perry had joined the other four lost riders, and people at camp were looking for their loved ones. 

We went to the Trask Store for lunch where Debbie and crew had another great barbeque going.  Burgers, bevies and stories were abundant.  Sitting around the picnic table, we were laughing at the poor, soggy dogs that couldn't make it because they left due to the rain on Saturday.  We commented that we hoped that we weren't getting too sunburned as the WARM sun was out in force.  We all forgot our sunscreen.  Hah!

The lost riders finally came in.  Thank you Steve and crew for bumping the average back giving Dawn second place and myself first place.  Dave Butt was upset as his OMRA standing dropped a position.  Sorry Dave!  The final results were, 1st Dan Hatcher, 2nd Dawn Wayne, 3rd Jim Loveall, 4th George Flannigan, 5th Dale Johnson, 6th Gary Anderson, 7th David Butt, 8th Ron Perry, 9th Chris Calvert, 10th Richard King, 11th Bob Hash, 12th Steve Simon, 13th Jason Mosiman, 14th Don Newman, and 15th Ron Currier.

We want to thank the Lobos for their commitment and wished we would have had more riders.  Also, thanks to Debbie and crew at the Trask Store.  Clyde Kersting, Bob Schwarz, John Pursley (the AMA Rep.), Dave Eilenberger (and his dog), Scott Westfall, Billy Toman, and camera-girl, Sharon Loveall - you guys did GREAT!