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Last Updated Sunday, November 12, 2017

Welcome to Blackdogdualsport.com!

We are an organization that promotes positive & responsible OHV use in our public and private lands. We primarily focus on dualsporting, but promote all responsible OHV use.

At the present, we host three events per year: the Northwest's biggest dualsport ride -  The Black Dog 2-Day Dualsport & Adventure Ride, the Rat Dog Dualsport & Adventure Ride and the Dogface Ride. These events  take place in Oregon. On these events our B and C courses are incredibly easy, scenic, adventurous and fun, but our motto for the  A and AA routes are, "Your Mother didn't lay out these courses!"  We pride ourselves on offering an enjoyable ride for ALL levels of bike & rider, whether you're a beginner or an ISDE veteran.  If you are from out of state, this is an opportunity to ride in one of the most beautiful, pristine and historic areas of the Northwest. 

If you have any questions that this site does not answer for you, please feel free to Email Us or post something on our Message Board.  Please email us if you would like on our flyer mailing list!   - Tom Niemela and NW Tour & Trail

The Black Dog Dualsport Ride


Latest general  updates

Be sure to go to the Black Dog or Dog Face links on the left to get the latest info for each event!

  • 11/11/17: It's full speed ahead for our 2018 events! Sorry to say no more Rat Dog, but The Black Dog and Dog Face rides are a go!

  • 3/4/17: It's full speed ahead for our 2017 events!

  • 11/10/15: Another event? Yes, it's true! We plan on hosting the Dog Face Ride in Southern Oregon, so keep checking the link on the left for all the latest info!

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