In the old days it was called ISDT (International Six-Day Trial), then it was changed to ISDE ("Enduro") in the early 80's.  The Trask M/C hosted the first event in 1971 and then the "25th Annual Last Trask" in '95.  I've personally raced it annually since '84.  The Rat Dog Dualsport uses a vast array of trails from the old Trask event, specifically the 'A' & 'AA' sections.  I haven't found but a few websites with historic data about the classic Trask race, but there are bits out there.  Just do a search for "Trask" once you go to the links listed below.  There is some GREAT history at these sites and in the Trask area in general.

If you know of any other Trask links that I should add, please email me.

Xlintperformance site : Great stories by Al Pedro!  Try here too.
Alan Seymour's site
Strictly Hodaka site : Some great pix here.
Vinduro List : A special-interest group for lovers of vintage enduro/ISDT dirt bikes
ISDT web page
OSSA Fan site

Here's some info from one of the founders of Trask M/C: 

"The Trask Mountain Two Days Trial, staged from 1971-1995 by the Trask Mountain MC.  The event was started by a group of people (the club) who weren't too sure what they were getting into.  I blame myself for talking an otherwise nice bunch of young guys into applying to the AMA to stage a one-day event in June of 1971.  The AMA, having taken on the mantle of FIM membership, had no qualifying events for the ISDT, so Mike Vancil phoned me at six in the morning in January of 1971 to ask if we could put on a two-day event.  I said 'sure.'  And we did, and we were the ONLY Qualifier in 1971.  Then we continued doing it for the next twenty-some years.  1980 and 1984 were three-day events, for a total of 52 days.

1995 was the twenty-fifth and LAST Trask Mountain Two Days.  I was the only person to work on Trask for the entire twenty-five years.  Our core unit of five guys, with a LOT of help (primarily from the Trailsmen Club), staged one of the niftier historic events ever.

Click here for more details, the full story and history about the Trask ISDE!

(from the above sites) Here's a few classic pix of the early Trask ISDT days

This is back when each day's course was almost 200 miles...

...and there was only a few inches of suspension travel and basic knobby tires...

...and the stories run rampant about survival, mud runs where just a handful of riders had the moxy to actually finish the event...

...and a Penton was the bike of choice (which evolved to KTM)...

...and of course there was the famous Hodakas, which were designed and tested in Athena, Oregon by Pabatco (Pacific Basin Trading Company). These are photos (above and below) of Jim Gentry on the prototype 175 Sl. The photos were taken at the 1970 Trask Mountain 2 day event. Jim had some troubles with the bike these 2 days. The 175 Sl's were put into production finally in 1977. There were only 600 of the 175's made.


Another dark and dank day to start an early Trask ISDT.

Ok, this wasn't taken at Trask, but it's a killer shot of the famous and fast Jack Penton from Cycle News:  "Penton motorcycles were known primarily as being at home in the woods, and the same goes for the Penton family members who imported them. But as this photo shows, Pentons (both bikes and people) did occasionally stray out of their eastern environs.  The rider here is 19-year-old Jack Penton, brother of Tom and son of John, and the race is a Barstow, California, Qualifier for the 1973 International Six Days Enduro Qualifier. Jack scored the overall win, which was somewhat of an upset, as it had been assumed that the Shamrocks event would be won by a desert racer  especially since its June date made for scalding temperatures throughout each of its two, eight-hour days (only 32 of the 108 entrants finished).  As you may know, the 2001 U.S. ISDE team is currently preparing to head over to France for this yearıs competition, and although there will be no Pentons on hand, the event typically sees a huge turnout of KTMs (the bike from which Pentons were derived)."